Great Design Harmony!

Many define “Great Design” as the balance of colors, proper use of elements (e.g. typography, space, imagery, etc) and even ease of use, as is its definition. Moreover, “Great Design” is much more than mere colors and elements. It’s the interpretation of a vision. A vision that requires in-depth understanding, critical-thinking, analysis, and research, leading towards development in a tangible form…but it doesn’t end there.

Yeah, so in understanding this what else is there, you may ask?

Well there is a single key component that will often make or break development of any design when bringing the vision to fruition, often overlooked, yet lacks heavily in the design world. On the edge of your seat yet, ready to find out what it is? Ok, get ready because whether you are the client or designer, its a good chance that you may have overlooked it yourself.

Ok, what is it already?

It’s ‘Relationship’! Sure there are tons of great designers out there, many with the best in breed technical skills one could offer, but what about their people skills – their ability to relate to you the client on a personal-professional level. Can the designer empathize with your challenges, walk you through a non-technical recommendation of their design proposal, in a way that is easy to understand that demonstrates understanding of your vision and challenges, with the ability to convert next steps into realistic time-frames and deliverables? Hopefully the answer is yes and if so, great! However, if you have to think about it then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what’s important when selecting designers for your projects.

What should I look for when selecting designers for my upcoming projects?, glad you asked.

‘Design Harmony’ (I’ll answer before you ask)Design Harmony a term I’ve coined, not to be confused with design principle harmony, describes the creative process maximizing the use of both relational and technical skills to achieve and maintain the best designs. This is the foundational building block that I use when working with clients across the globe and I must say it has been beneficial to both myself as the designer and my clients. Building on agile strategies, design harmony as a process is neither daunting or time consuming for either the designer or client, but it’s well worth the effort!

Currently I’m in the process for consideration with Toptal and their Visual Designers Group. Although Instructional Design may not be a leading focus in the technical world it is definitely one of the newest top contenders in technical design; especially with the implementation of HTML5 for formatting/coding courses for use with mobile devices outside of a company intranet. So I”m hopeful that their review process will not only consider my interest for providing services but that it also opens a new door for technical training development to be considered in the their technical design service offerings as a whole, we’ll see.

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